COVID-19 Update:

In order to comply with social distancing laws and to ensure the safety of both you and our volunteers, we have put together a list of ways to help out while staying safe:

Touchless bag/box pickup - If you are able to harvest your produce on your own, harvest the food and store it in a bag or cardboard box you no longer need. We can then schedule a time to pick up the produce and donate it. We request that if the produce is easily squished, you use a box as opposed to a bag and layer the produce carefully.

• Masked harvesting - If you are unable to harvest on your own or would rather we harvest for you, we can arrange a time to harvest your produce. To ensure safety, our volunteers will wear face masks whenever within 6ft of anyone else (or for the entire harvest upon request). We also request that you wear face coverings when within 6ft of our volunteers.

The SF-Marin Food Bank is currently lacking volunteers due to COVID and it is hard for them to handle small donations of fresh produce. To ensure that people in need are still getting fresh food, we have partnered with Bags of Love to whom we donate every Tuesday afternoon.

For more information about Bags of Love:

Donate to Bags of Love:

Volunteer for Bags of Love to help assemble grocery bags:!/showSignUp/bagsoflovevolunteers/9332272


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